Centuries stolen from us, time that would’ve made Africa one of the most established continents in the world. Instead, time was used to degrade the authenticity of Africa, while extracting that which wasn’t theirs. It isn’t late for us to revitalize our continent. I’m aware of the obstacles we face but, in time we’ll unite and divert from the colonial ways of doing. For now, I will utilize my upcoming years to unlearn 22 years of misinformation. I am taken back my stolen years, Join me!

Feb 18, 2011

One of the many problems we are facing in Liberia

Due to slow Internet connection in Liberia I am unable to continue posting. However, I will post after my journey. This is the most important aspect and I am disappointed that I can not share.......

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  1. I am really intrigued by your blog and would love to chat to you more. I am heading to Liberia for a year. give me a shout should it pleases you. meyerjc5@gmail.com