Centuries stolen from us, time that would’ve made Africa one of the most established continents in the world. Instead, time was used to degrade the authenticity of Africa, while extracting that which wasn’t theirs. It isn’t late for us to revitalize our continent. I’m aware of the obstacles we face but, in time we’ll unite and divert from the colonial ways of doing. For now, I will utilize my upcoming years to unlearn 22 years of misinformation. I am taken back my stolen years, Join me!

Oct 15, 2011

Does Liberia need President Sirleaf?

A campaigner showcase his support for unity Party, Monkey represent President Sirleaf and Baboon represent other contenders
The excitement was building in me from the day I stepped my feet on the uneven pavement of Robert International Airport. In couple of weeks I will be at the polling station casting my vote. For the first time in my life my right to vote was not infringed upon, but it was more than that.

My future is intertwine with the next six years, and whoever heads the Republic of Liberia, will pave the future for at least 3million Liberians.  With about 19 presidential candidates, Liberians pick for the next president is mind-numbing.  Like many presidential race in Africa, most political parties are not established based on the interests of the people, but a means of survival for selected few.  I knew from the beginning I didn’t have the strength, or the will to research all candidates. Therefore, I chose to research the two top contenders from the previous election.

Madame Sir leaf of Unity Party (UP) won the last election, after defeating George Weah of Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), she promised the Liberia people she will not run again, yet she was contending again.  Is power too sweet in her mouth? Why should I trust her?

After Mr. Weah was defeated, and criticized worldwide regarding his political incompetence, Weah returned to college obtained a degree, but decided to become Vice President to William Tubman.  Famous for football and nothing else, I wonder. Can these two bring development to Liberia?  What have they done in the past for Liberians?

So, like most Liberians I was caught between the two major parties, and I decided I rather go with the devil I know then the one I do not know.  Madame Sirleaf has proven herself in the last six years.  We first have to give her credit for maintaining peace in Liberia (she recently won the noble price for peace), and encouraging freedom of speech.  Second, we have to acknowledge the concrete development taking place around Liberia. Areas neglected by many past presidents , now have access to rest of Liberia through the establishment of roads. Third, her initiatives to ensure laws are in place to create a better democratic system for all to participate. Most importantly, her acknowledgement of marginalize groups, women and youth by supporting initiatives targeting the two groups.

“Change is slow and tedious but transition is ferocious”- MGW

President Sirleaf supporters at Samuel K. Doe stadium

President Sirleaf supporters at Samule K. Doe staduim

Supporters dance with joy while exiting the stadium
President Sirleaf has started a plan that we need her to complete, currently there is no other contender who has the same vision as her. Therefore, electing another candidate we risk retracting her efforts, and most all our FUTURE.
As my fellow Liberians and I marched October 9th the last day of campaigning towards the Samuel K. Doe stadium to show our support for our one and only “Iron Lady” I knew with certainty Liberians will make the decent choice for our future.
Supporters marched towards the stadium showcasing they do not want to go  for a 2nd voting round
After voting I begun to wonder, are Liberians always going to settle because there is no other choice?  Am I wrong to think there is no other choice than Madame Sirleaf? If not where are they, and what are they doing?  If they do not exist, how do Liberians start preparing for the period after 2017? A third term is not feasible in Liberia !

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