Centuries stolen from us, time that would’ve made Africa one of the most established continents in the world. Instead, time was used to degrade the authenticity of Africa, while extracting that which wasn’t theirs. It isn’t late for us to revitalize our continent. I’m aware of the obstacles we face but, in time we’ll unite and divert from the colonial ways of doing. For now, I will utilize my upcoming years to unlearn 22 years of misinformation. I am taken back my stolen years, Join me!

Aug 8, 2012

If I was Tomorrow

                                   We are the core!

The more I learn about the core issues surrounding the commencement of one of the most brutal civil war in the world, the more I strive daily not to repeat the mistakes of my forefathers. There were several reasons for the Liberian civil war, but I concluded the core was our distaste for each other, and our failure to love our country. The past is the past most people say, but the lessons of the past is an intricate part of how we advance our future. In a country, that exudes violence, maintaining an attitude of tranquility is hard. How can we sustain peace when 60% of the youth population does not have the skills, or the resources to become participatory citizens? Liberian youth were dealt an unfair hand; however there are many who excelled, and are excelling irrespective of the debauch environment they find themselves. Every human has an innate ability to be great should they strive to be. Liberian youth we need to stop using the past to justify our idleness…..

If I was Tomorrow
If I was tomorrow….
I will tell yesterday it slowed me down,why hissing my teeth.
Allowing malicious war lords to penetrate my sanity.
Using me as pawn in a game I could never win, nor understand.
Infringing on my basic rights, why their children were bombarded with lifetime opportunities.

If I was tomorrow….
I will scream in the faces of my forefathers, WHY?
Why did they stand by for “others” to take away the essence of who I am?
Why is the same "old thing" acceptable today?
Why saying NO to the status quo means societal exclusion?
Why today when I stare in the mirror, I can barely recognize the features I should have inherited?

If I was tomorrow….
I will stop asking questions and start finding answers.
I will stop sulking in self pity and start looking for opportunities.
I will stop blaming the “others” and start taking responsibilities for my disposition.
Hell, with it! why wait for tomorrow, I have today!


  1. i like to get my point across with the least words as possible. Therefore omitting the first two sentences in this comment, i would like to render you this comment. "Classic!"

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