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Jul 17, 2012

Kpatawee Water Falls

Dry Season
With limited access to roads in Liberia, many find it difficult to leave Monrovia. Thus, there are many undiscovered sites waiting to be explore. One of which is the KPWATAWEE waterfall located in Gbarnga. An undiscovered gem, if properly invested in could be one of the best tourist attractions in West Africa. The first time I visited Kpatawee it was a hot, sweaty and a tiring day. I did not spend more than an hour there. However, I was taking away by the site, and promised to return to savoy in all that it has to offer.

1st time at Kpatawee (dry Season)
With limited recreational activities in Monrovia, I needed an opportunity to return to Kpatawee. Fortunate for me, my birthday is during the raining season. Liberia has two seasons, which is dry and raining season. During dry season the temperature can exceed 90 degrees. There is a saying around Liberia to explain exactly how hot it gets, many say dry season is the season during which one can take sweating showers. Literally, you are sweating while taking shower because it is so hot! During, raining season the temperature drops due to the heavy rain, thus the air tend to be cooler.

Mini stop to ensure all was in place
So, I was ecstatic when I decided to plan my birthday outside of Monrovia. Many of my associates and friends were not as excited partly because it was not the norm for them to leave Monrovia, and it was four hours drive away from civilization. However, I convinced enough people to come, and celebrate my birthday with me. Which in hindsight many did not regret.

We left Monrovia around 9am, arrived at Kpatawee at 1:30pm. It was little longer because we stopped quite a few times to take pictures, buy food, socialize with the locals, and due to careless driving we got into and accident. Fortunate for us no one was hurt, and we were able to continue with the trip.

The road leading to Kpatawee is currently under construction; therefore the last stretch is gravel. I will advice anyone going there do not drive too fast, the manner in which you drive on a coal tar road is not the same as a gravel road. If you speed most likely your tires will be pull by the gravel, which will lead to disaster. On a happier note we arrived at Kpatawee in one piece and every one was excited.

This accident did not stopped us! It just delayed us:)

We drove the car like this until we got back to Monrovia
Picture time!

Purchasing snacks...corn never look so good:)

Bathroom break, Liberian style

How high can we go!!! the locals thought we were crazzzyyy.
During the dry season the waterfall is nice, but during the raining season it is amazing! Driving towards the fall the scenery made me feel I was in a safari, and at any moment an elephant will be soaring excitedly. The massive green pasture of land spread penetrating the mountains behind the falls, inviting you in to a soundless world. Literally soundless because there is no phone signal once you branch off the gravel road to Kpatawee. Upon arrival you have to pay (100LD) per person for the day. There are no amenities available in the area, if you intend to spend the day, take all that you need (food, games, etc).  They have benches and few huts to sit and relax. However, you need to bring something to cover up, as there are ants lurking around, due the fact the area is not care for frequently.

Once inside you are instantly drawn to the gushing sound of water flowing between rocks. I can attest, the first thing anyone will like to do is to go directly into the water for a swim, except for the few greedy ones among your group who will opt for the foodJ.

That rock was hot!!!
So beautiful.....
We spend about an hour exploring the Fall. Using different routes to get to the highest peak of the Fall, it was not possible. However, we were able to get high enough to enjoy one of godsend to Liberia. After which we begun to play a game of Ludo, but could not complete as our conversation was foster by the beauty of where we were.

We almost got to the top
The water felt so good, but be careful if you have sensitive skin like me.
(water is dirty)

Ma petit soeur je me manque

They say when you have something you don’t know, until it is gone. With the influx of external forces into Liberia, if we do not start taking care of what we have we might lose it to others. Apart from being a tourist attraction, the force the water flowing down from Kpatawee produces could be utilized to supply electricity to the surrounding towns, maybe all of Gbarnga. There is a possibility for mass agriculture cooperatives to be developed in the local communities in which a culture of produce specialization could commence. Electricity and sustain source of food are two essential commodities that will enable many Liberians to potentially be self-reliant. So, my people tell me why a property own by our government is so under utilize?
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  2. Nice work, hey you certainly got me convinced on going to visit that waterfall, from the excitement your faces I can firmly attest that it was a time to remember. Thanks for your blog. Good job and good luck.

    1. It was a good day, but just be careful during raining season. You might experience flood.

  3. Nice work, hey you certainly got me convinced on going to visit that waterfall, from the excitement your faces I can firmly attest that it was a time to remember. Thanks for your blog. Good job and good luck.

  4. Your Blog was very interesting to me. i’ll thnx you a lot for posting this interesting information.
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    1. Glad it help you. If you do make it there please let me know how it went for you.

  5. Great pictures! You write with such a good spirit. Good work and hopefully more to come.