Centuries stolen from us, time that would’ve made Africa one of the most established continents in the world. Instead, time was used to degrade the authenticity of Africa, while extracting that which wasn’t theirs. It isn’t late for us to revitalize our continent. I’m aware of the obstacles we face but, in time we’ll unite and divert from the colonial ways of doing. For now, I will utilize my upcoming years to unlearn 22 years of misinformation. I am taken back my stolen years, Join me!

Mar 23, 2013

This Too is Liberia…

Heading for the waves
In Liberia, after one hear the statement “this too is Liberia….” normally it is follow by negativity. This negativity takes place in all forms and relates to numerous situations.
On the contrary this post is not a subject of negativity. “This too is Liberia”….……when young men and women can hold on to a sport that allows them to preserver in all aspects of the lives.  Surfing in Liberia????

Yes, and it is taking over the coast of Cape Mount and spreading around the coast of Liberia. I longed to see the surfing at Nanas’ lodge, since I heard about it. Unfortunately, for me I always visited when the team was not around. When, I arrived in the country tired, overworked and was told there was surfing competition the next day, I knew I had to be there!

Surfing it up!

A competitor hitting the waves

With all the joggling it took to get there, we made it and it was great!! It was great to see young Liberians, girls and boys, stimulated by a sport so different from what they are not culturally accustom to, but yet so naturally part of who they are.  The competition consisted of three categories: senior, junior and women.

Regrettable, I did not see the whole competition as I had to drive back to Monrovia. However, the conversation I had with one of the 1st self taught surfers led me to believe this was not just a sport for these surfers. It was a social and psychological way out from years of devastation they had endured. 

 The confidence he exuded, from the manner in which he spoke, his leadership amongst his peers, were evidence that surfing has created a positive dimension in his life.
All in the day work 
These young surfers utilize surfing to create a sense of belonging and security. More should be done to support the surfers in RobertSport, but like most things in Liberia people shy away from the unknown, instead of exploring the unknown. Wake up LIBERIA and support your future leaders!!!!


  1. Seeing people who are moving in the things they love, warms my heart. Encourage them.

  2. Recreational activities there Go Liberia go!!

    1. Slowly but we hope others can see the importance of these activities and invest be it time or money.